Monday, August 10, 2009

The Knit Wits

If any of you are looking for something hilarious and clean (for the most part) to watch, check out a Canadian sitcom called "Corner Gas". We got seasons 1-4 from Netflix and the rest we're watching on youtube. So funny.

Anyway, I have once again been keeping busy with some projects. Photographed below are the patches the kids picked out for their new school backpacks. The licenced ones are so ugly, that we went with the inexpensive and simple version from Target and then personalized with a patch. The kids love them.

Movie pillows for the kids, made from funky fabric I bought on sale at IKEA. My kids love to lay on the floor to watch movies and cartoons.

A new winter hat I knitted for William from yarn he picked out. Though he was not excited to model it for me.

Claire knitted this hat - she picked out the yarn and did all by herself - I just helped with dropped stitches and tangles. She is very pleased with herself.

I was very proud of her - she loves to sew and knit and requests that we having knitting time together. Sweet girl - after my own heart. Maybe we'll try a matching scarf next. Oh and good news; our dryer is fixed, so now I'll have clean underwear for tomorrow! I tried the clothes line, but it is so muggy here that nothing will completely dry. Gotta love that Illinois humidity.


ML said...

Susan, you amaze me. I'm Not Worthy!!!! I bow down before your creative feet, which are probably covered in socks you made yourself.

Jennifer said...

I'm so impressed by Claire's hat. Geez, now even SHE'S kicking my crafting butt.

gwennythepooh said...

I had high hopes to learn to sew, even did a few lines, then my sewing machine stopped working. I think I'm going to switch to knitting-nothing to break. Great job with Claire-I'm muy impressed!

Sandy said...

You are just abounding in craftiness and it looks like Claire will be following in your footsteps. I am SO impressed with her knitting skills -- amazing!